Case Study 9: Program Management and IV&V

Customer: Department of Health and Human Services

Engagement: Program Management and IV&V

Background: The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to help provide the building blocks that Americans need to live healthy, successful lives. Within the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the Deputy CIO for Operations (DCIO-Ops) provides expert guidance and knowledgeable professionals to gather requirements, design and develop plans, and implement and manage customer information technology (IT) needs.

Challenge: Because DCIO-Ops must manage enterprise wide infrastructure. the DCIO-Ops must monitor the a wide array of projects and services, manage the broad set of resources to accomplish the work and manage the corresponding funding, acquisitions, contract orders, task orders, interacting schedules, and work segments. The expansive requirement is substantially burdensome, especially in times of tight congressional budgets.

Solution: To help ease the DCIO-Ops burden, Peridot Solutions is providing a broad range of Program Management services and Strategic Acquisition support including,

  1. Contractor Program Management and Program Integration
  2. Program and Project Management Support
  3. Strategic Acquisition Support

Peridot Solutions is providing performance and quality assurance metrics, advising on performance incentives / disincentives, support for the management control of DCIO-Ops programs and projects. Peridot is applying best practices to the development of and advising on the application of management techniques such Project Management, Risk Management, and Quality Management. Peridot is assisting with the management and administration of DCIO-Ops contracts, including support for contract administration activities, inspection and acceptance of work to ensure full compliance with contract requirements, and preparation of files that support actions performed under contracts, as well as the development and execution of work plans monitoring contract performance.

Results: For the first time, DCIO-Ops has an enterprise wide perspective of the DCIO-Ops program activities. This fuller oversight has allowed DCIO-Ops to make more strategic level decisions and manage the overarching DCIO-Ops effort from an informed perspective.