Case Study 2: Strategic Planning and Acquisition Support

Customer: Railroad Retirement Board

Engagement: Strategic Planning and Acquisition Support

Background: The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) is an independent agency in the executive branch of the federal government. The RRB’s primary function is to administer comprehensive retirement / survivor and unemployment / sickness insurance benefit programs for railroad workers and their families under the Railroad Retirement Act and the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.

Challenge: The RRB infrastructure is primarily built in a legacy COBOL environment. To be able to maintain their infrastructure budget and ensure their ability to comply with future requirements, RRB is choosing to re-engineer the legacy COBOL into a modern Cloud based environment.

Solution: To manage their budget and mitigate risk the RRB wisely chose to independently assess the level of effort needed to reengineer and modernize RRB’s legacy COBOL computer environment into a Cloud system, create blueprint of how to achieve the target environment, assist the RRB in defining a statement of work for services and associated hardware and software to accomplish the objective, provide an in-depth assessment of the programs and supporting infrastructure of the RRB’s current environment, provide a planning document for the reengineering effort that includes a high-level blueprint laying out a proposed sequence of events describing how to migrate to the target environment.

Results: Peridot performed excellently across the spectrum of the contract by working with all the business, IT and Operations departments to collect the necessary data, analyze it independently and recommended a target state with 4 different options (Analysis of Alternatives) with cost benefit analysis.  Peridot conducted a comprehensive portfolio analysis on 80+ business systems with business, technology and operations alignment perspective and recommended just 15 target state applications on .net platform on cloud.  Peridot conducted portfolio analysis, requirements documents (functional and technical), acquisition planning, market research and surveys, Analysis of Alternatives, solicitation documents (RFIs/RFPs) on FedbizOpps, vendor/industry day, Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). This analysis was used to build the business case for funding the target system.  The RRB successfully awarded the contract for the re-engineering effort and has successfully launched the effort.