Case Study 5: Infrastructure & Security

Customer: Defense Commissary Agency

Engagement: IT Business Continuity Plan update

Peridot Solutions has successfully engaged with Defense Commissary Agency’s Chief Technology Officer to support their business continuity plans for all key IT services.

Solution: Peridot Solutions successfully reviewed all key IT services, systems and drafted the business continuity plan that aligns with the Agency Continuity Plan. Key activities included:

  • Reviewing and evaluating the adequacy of the current Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in terms of its structure and coverage
  • Conducting a business impact analysis (BIA) for all the critical systems
  • Reviewing and updating Response Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for all the critical systems—(linked to the business impact analysis)
  • Reviewing and updating recovery strategies in case of disaster
  • Recommending updates to the systems to support the high-availability and disaster recovery requirements
  • Making necessary recommendations to the data centers to support the DR/COOP
  • Providing high-level cost estimates for strengthening/improving current business continuity infrastructure.
  • Drafting a report with the recommendations, high level cost estimates, roadmap and project plan for implementation

Results: An approved IT Business Continuity Plan that is actionable and aligned with the Agency’s Business Continuity Plan.