Case Study 4: IT Strategy and Transformation

Customer: Defense Commissary Agency

Engagement: IT Transformation and Strategic Plan

Background: The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) supports the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to achieve its business goals with the necessary systems, infrastructure and support personnel. OCIO has also identified a critical need to develop a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan that will enable the realization of its strategic goals and objectives, strong alignment of the business with effective and efficient IT support, align with the ongoing Business Transformation Initiatives, adheres to Federal and Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) regulations, policies, and guidance and also integrates best practices into the environment.

As an extension, OCIO identified the need to define a staffing model that better aligns IT services with the transformation and an information technology (IT) portfolio analysis to review and identify the IT investment needs to support the transformation. DeCA engaged Peridot Solutions thru their BTA contract to assist with this strategic initiative.

Solution: Peridot Solutions has successfully performed the following tasks related to IT Strategic Plan, Portfolio Analysis and Organization Model for the CIO:

  • Performed an application portfolio analysis to understand the baseline information on technologies used, staff, user base, service requirements, budget, functionality supported and mission alignment for all the business applications
  • Conducted a stakeholder workshop to develop key initiatives based on the latest research, trends and best practices found in industry today.
  • Conducted an analysis to identify opportunities for integration and harmonization of IT products, platforms and services.
  • Established a baseline understanding of the products, services, service levels and quality of service provided by the OCIO.
  • Developed an IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) with a set of initiatives that are needed to align OCIO services with the business strategy.
  • Developed an actionable Implementation plan that takes the ITSP and translates it into reality.
  • Reviewed the current CIO organization to define a staffing model that supports the new acquisition strategy as well as aligns closely with business
  • Recommended an organizational structure for IT as a “center of excellence”, with strong management capabilities, increased business knowledge and best practices for managing performance-based contracts
  • Developed an implementation plan with actionable steps, timelines and transition activities
  • Developed and deliver an executive briefing that summarizes the engagement findings and recommendations.

Results:  An IT strategic plan with a roadmap that is actionable and aligned with the business mission. It is approved by the business and IT stakeholders and currently being executed.