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Mentor/Protégé Program

Program Overview

The Peridot Solutions Mentor/Protégé Program is designed to support a formal mentoring partnership where “Mentors” can be of great help to the “Protégés” in their pursuit of career success by developing their self-competence and self‑confidence.

For this mentoring opportunity, every effort will be made to foster this communication relationship between a senior organizational member (the “Mentor”) and a more junior organizational member (the “Protégé”) to excel their core skills and competencies, in response to the changing customer needs. The program will carefully match the Mentors with the Protégés along factors that mirror the mentoring relationships.


The Peridot Solutions Mentor-Protégé program’s purpose is to transfer the expertise of its most knowledgeable employees to others, facilitate knowledge exchange, workforce planning, succession management, or knowledge management initiatives.

It serves to help them find the right career path and navigate workplace challenges. By learning from experienced peers, they can make more informed decisions about their careers and professional development, and overcome any conflicts that might arise.


The Peridot Solutions Mentor-Protégé program taps into internal and external resources to offer them the ability to cross-train in multiple competencies. While this program is solely extended to Peridot Solutions partners, the ultimate approval authority for partner employees resides within the sphere of each company.

For Protégé:

  • It provides impartial advice and encouragement.
  • It develops a supportive relationship.
  • It assists with problem solving.
  • It improves self-confidence.
  • It offers professional development.
  • It encourages reflection on practice.

For Mentors:

  • It gives an opportunity to reflect on own practice.
  • It enhances job satisfaction.
  • It helps to develop professional relationships.
  • It enhances peer recognition.
  • It uses your experience and makes it available to a new person.
  • It widens your understanding of the organization and the way it works.
  • It enables you to practice interpersonal skills.
  • It provides personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others.

Organizational Goals:

  • The Peridot Solutions Mentor-Protégé program helps build and retain a well-rounded team of employees.
  • It increases the level of management knowledge.
  • It strengthens communication and collaboration efforts across the boundaries of participating offices.
  • It increases commitment and a sense of connection among participants.
  • It enhances and promotes diversity awareness and understanding.

Individual Goals Are:

  • To take responsibility for an individual’s career and leadership development.
  • To recognize the skills needed for success and find the developmental opportunities to develop those skills through the Protégé/Mentorship program.
  • To gain an understanding of organizational values and relationships.
  • To increase exposure and access to employees at different organizational levels throughout the Peridot Solutions.

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