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Senior Contract Support Specialist – Acquisition Program Analyst

Senior Contract Support Specialist – Acquisition Program Analyst

Location: Washington, DC

No. of Positions: 03

Clearance: NACI Cleared or Clearable

Apply: Interested candidates, please email your resume, desired salary and contact info to

Bachelor’s degree, 12 years of contracting experience in Department of Defense (DoD) and FAC-C or DAWIA Level II certification is required for the performance of this task. APDP Level II certification in contracting is equivalent to DAWIA Level II.

Cradle-to-Grave Contracting Support. Utilize the most effective medium for communicating with supported official(s) and stakeholders (i.e. email is not always effective and phone/in-person should be considered). Document exhaustive communication attempts leading up to government delay, especially for requirement package receipt. The contractor shall:

Collect, draft, review, maintain and retain contract file documentation.

1. Collect requirement package(s) documentation for contract file from stakeholders (e.g. Mission Partner, AFDW/PKP PM Branch, SAF/MG, Finance). Requirement package documentation includes RAD, draft PWS, draft QASP, draft IGCE, IGF, Market Research Report, draft DD Form 254, and funding. Participate in Multi-Functional Team (MFT) and liaison with stakeholders and supported official(s).

  1. Draft acquisition/contract documentation for supported official(s). Documents include requirement package documentation, Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP) briefing slides, Acquisition Plan (AP), Business/Contract Clearance form(s), Request for Proposal (RFP), and contract (“award”).
  2. Review all documentation as required by the supported official.
  3. Maintain contract file documentation in accordance with (IAW) law, regulation, and local policy. Current contract file repository is ContractFileShare (KTFS), a web-based system.
  4. Retain contract file or specific documents.
  5. Perform all pre-award and post-award functions with direction from the supported official for cradle-to-grave contracting. Enable supported official in meeting critical dates (e.g. milestones, contract actions). Utilizing the supported official’s agreed upon tracker or milestone chart, draft contract file documents pertinent to the upcoming milestone or contract action, allowing for standard review time by supported official(s). Milestones include, but not limited to, Package Receipt, ESIS, ASP, Solicitation, and Evaluation. Contract actions include, but not limited to, contract award and contract modification (e.g. exercise of options). Losing the government’s unilateral right to exercise an option is unacceptable. For purposes of this PWS, “milestones” and “contract actions” are synonymous terms.
  6. Pre-award include researching markets (e.g. market research), coordinating with stakeholders (e.g. Small Business Government Representative), publicizing contract actions, soliciting requirements, and drafting evaluation of offeror’s proposal(s), and drafting awards.
  7. Post-award functions include contract administration, contract actions (e.g. modification) and contract closeout.
  8. Advise Supported Official(s). The contractor shall:

9.1 Maintain up-to-date status of contract actions in the tracker(s). Current tracker(s) include Microsoft (MS) Access, PowerPoint, and Excel.

9.2 Brief status of contract actions to the supported official(s). Briefings include Production Meetings, Early Strategy and Issues Session (ESIS), Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP), and team meetings.

9.3 Provide advice to the supported official(s) on matters (i.e. acquisition strategy) pertinent to the acquisition.

9.4 Brief contracting topics and provide training material as required.

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