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Contract Specialists

Peridot is seeking to hire Contract Specialists to support a Federal client in an upcoming effort in Washington DC.  Interested candidates, please reply with resume, desired salary, and contact info to

Contract Management Support

Job Title: Contract Specialist I
Education: Bachelor’s Degree required
Experience: Minimum 2 years+ of 1102 experience

Job Title: Contract Specialist II
Education: Bachelor’s Degree required
Experience: Minimum 3 years+ of 1102 experience

Job Title: Contract Specialist III
Education: Bachelor’s Degree required
Experience: Minimum 10 years+ of 1102 experience

The support includes assisting contracting specialists in all aspects of contracting life-cycle from pre-award to post-award activities.


Assist Contracting Officers (CO), Contract Specialists (CS), and Program Managers with procurement planning.
Create draft acquisition strategies, draft solicitations, draft source selection,  evaluation documentation, and related training.
Conduct market analyses to assess the ability of the marketplace to provide supplies and services as specified in Calls.
Participate in the development and amendment of solicitations, to include all sections along with any draft custom contract clauses, in both client Approved and Uniform Contract Formats.
Develop and maintain procurement schedules.

Source Selection

Develop draft Source Selection Evaluation Plans.
Review Source Selection procedures and guidance and recommend revisions.
Assist in developing and supporting Source Selection kickoff meetings with Source Evaluation Teams (SET).
Review, evaluate, and provide feedback on proposals (all types including technical, management, past performance) and quotes. Contractors must not be voting members on Source Evaluation Teams (SET).
Review proposals and quotes for completeness and compliance with the Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Quote (RFQ) submission requirements. Only agency personnel will make final determinations regarding the proposal or quote acceptability.
Assist in documenting all findings, assessments, and ratings by the evaluation teams.
Assist in preparing evaluation team reports.
Assess Contractor’s financial capabilities to perform agency requirements.
Provide discussion and negotiation support to the CO and CS.
Create Source Selection Authority (SSA) memorandums and reports.

Contract Award

Create draft contract award documents. Only a CO will finalize and award
Prepare and organize contract award correspondence and documentation.
Create draft responses to questions from Contractor that did not receive an award.
Prepare draft documentation and briefings to support Contractor requested debriefings.
Assist CO/CS in developing and maintaining contract schedules, highlighting any interdependencies.

Post Award

Provide recommendations and advice on various contracting issues to include processes, procedures, and improvements.
Attend and participate in meetings, coordination, and briefings with CO/CS.
Maintain up-to-date contract files to include all applicable information and documents.
Prepare contract documentation, including contract letters, modifications, delivery orders, call orders, briefings, etc.
Review and distribute deliverables from other awarded contracts and agreements.
Prepare draft negotiation memoranda.
Assist with teaming agreements, reimbursable agreements, consulting agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other contract-related documents.
Create and maintain spreadsheets and other electronic tools to track contract ceiling, funding, billings, delivery orders, etc.
Review invoices/vouchers, and make invoice certification recommendations for payment to CO/CS.
Track contract value and funding data and undefinitized contract actions.
Review and draft contracting correspondence as required.
Review, comment on and evaluate the cost/price impacts of existing Contractor’s proposed costs and pricing.
Prepare monthly and annual contract cost and schedule variance analysis.
Create and maintain contract and program/project schedules, highlighting any interdependencies and predecessors.

  Current Openings