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ClicQA’s product ClicTest has evolved to be a comprehensive and seamless Software Testing solution for Automation Testing, Performance Testing and Test Management. Flexibility, platform agnostic approach and cloud based micro services architecture enables Anywhere Anytime Testing and integration with other platforms.

Empowering manual testers and subject matter or domain experts, ClicTest brings business value to Test Automation, which most of the prevailing tools miss out. By leveraging ClicTest, organizations can bring better ROI to their Test Automation initiation.

Here are a few highlights of ClicTest:

  • One stop testing solution for modern web applications.
  • Manual Tester or SME Test Automation Enabler with Script-less approach
  • No installation dependency and inter-operable
  • Centralized repository to yield better analytics
  • Flexible to configure and manage projects, users and user permissions

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ClicTest Value Proposition:

Alongside enabling cost saving, ClicQA has developed ClicTest to empower achieving improved quality, productivity and operational excellence.Read More...

Improved Quality

  • Automation Testing don’t contribute in software quality improvement but manual testers with outstanding testing expertise and domain or product knowledge will do.
  • Iteration-wise comparison test reports and annotated screenshots provide insights to make debugging easier and improves software quality.

Improved Productivity 

  • Instead of Test Automation Developers, existing Manual Testers or domain experts can be leveraged to automate-regression tests, sanity or smoke tests, and UAT.
  • Reuse existing object repository for robust test case design that aim maximum test coverage
  • Faster pace automated tests creation reduces automation test effort and time duration

Improved Operational Excellence

  • Cloud-based and 100% web-based automation testing enables global teams working across different time zones seamlessly.
  • Hassle-free parallel test execution of thousands of complex tests
  • “Object Categorize” helps in editing test steps across test cases in a bulk; thus, greater test case maintenance
  • Automated Test Case workflow with review mechanism helps early stage improved test coverage and test accuracy
  • Easiness in adopting change management

Cost Savings:

  • Save 25% with a Cloud based Automation Testing Tool
  • Save 40% on resources because of Script-Less Automation
  • 4 times faster test execution on regression tests
  • Save another 10% with Ease of Use, Setup & Accessibility