Jay Haley

Jay Haley is a Program Manager for Peridot Solutions. He joined Peridot in 2017, bringing more than 30 years of executive leadership, management, and military service to his role with the company. Mr. Haley has proven himself a highly flexible leader, delivering tangibles that have far exceeded customer expectations by adapting quickly to ever-shifting program priorities. Mr. Haley currently manages a complex Marine Corps Information Technology contract, facilitating activity in consulting, business development, and sage customer support. Since joining Peridot, Mr. Haley helped secure Peridot’s position in the Defense Acquisition market by utilizing his proven reliability and enterprising approach to service delivery and business development. Mr. Haley retired from the U. S. Marine Corps, after 24 years, first serving in the enlisted ranks and subsequently as an officer. Mr. Haley cares deeply for his team members and is committed to both business and individual development successes. Mr. Haley has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Averett University.