The LearnersEDGE™

The LearnersEDGE™ evolved out of a need to provide multiple stakeholders with access to relevant and timely data to promote strong relationships between teachers and students and parents.

  • Where students can document and view their experiences, develop new understandings, grow their expertise and evolve into a more empathic, knowledgeable and competent global citizen.
  • Where teachers can document and view their students readiness, target and introduce developmentally appropriate instruction, engage & motivate based on interests and passions, monitor growth over time and promote a curious, creative, critical thinker.
  • Where parents can, in partnership with teachers and their student, appreciate and support the achievements, varied interests, goals, and accomplishments of their student over time.

LearnersEdge™ seamlessly integrates with your current Student Information System and gets the required data it needs to produce the insightful dashboards.

Features of LearnersEDGE™

LearnersEDGE Dashboard


  • Demographic details
  • Attendance & Behavior
  • Partnerships
  • Standardized assessment data
  • Grades and Accomplishments
  • Culture for learning & innovation
  • Customizable WIDGETS for your dashboard
  • Trend Analysis
School Improvement

School Improvement Planning Module

  • School Improvement Planning Module for District, School, and Team Goals
  • Progress update to support and promote an iterative continuous improvement
  • Wrap-up actions to reflect practices
LearnersEDGE Report


  • Access to Performance Data by Type of Assessment, School, Grade, and Demographic Variables
  • Trend analysis for Math & Reading
  • Individual historical assessment data
LearnersEDGE Roster


  • Roster level views of Standardized Assessments
  • Aggregated GPA data
  • Instantaneous Views of results by School, Grade, Course, Special Service or demographic variables


  • Survey Dashboard
  • Survey Reports
  • Perception Data Collection
  • Feedback Data Collection
  • Teachers Evaluation Data Collection
Learner App

Learner App

  • All About Me
  • Interests, Hobbies, and Preferences
  • Goals & Accomplishments
  • My Learning
  • Reflection